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Once the enclosure is designed and the CAD model developed, we do an in depth analysis of the enclosure and formulate a strategy for mold manufacture. Whether your product parts require separate mold or family mold depends upon the material, usage scenarios and the size of parts and lots of other parameters. We will guide you step by step through T1-T2 process of mold manufacture and make sure the parts meet your quality demands and your budget. We can also export mold if you want to manufacture at your won facility.
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Product tooling can take many forms. A few common ones include injection molds for plastic parts, castings, stamping and extrusion for metal parts, and patterns for fabrics. Our custom product manufacturing experts konw that a properly designed and constructed tooling will yield high quality and precision parts at the lowest manufacturing cost, all those can ensure the most efficient and cost-effective manufacturing process. product design tooling design
product design tooling design

The initial tool components must pass a rigorous and thorough testing process before released for production use. The product designer/engineer for plastic product manufacturing conducts visual and physical on-site validation to inspect and coordinate initial production tests and ensure that the tooling and products meet all specifications.

Years of experience in design and manufacturing have enabled us to find and evaluate many vendors, if needed, we can additionally manage the manufacturing stage including mold design.

product design tooling design  

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