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product developmentPowerkeep has developed a smart, solar-powered trash bin with a compactor, and each with a photovoltaic panel on top, these smart bins use solar power to drive an internal trash compactor, which increases the units' capacity as much as fivefold. that can deduct the operating cost of trash collection vehicles and costs related to manpower.

The smart bins also address a information-related problem. In the past, environmental sanitation workers spent hours driving around the city to check and empty hundreds of trash barrels. Some place full of peoples would fill up several times a day, while those in more remote areas, could go days or weeks before needing to be emptied. To make such routine checks unnecessary, the intelligent waste bin is outfitted with internal sensors and wireless technology. They automatically alert maintenance workers via email or short message when the bin is nearly full. Powerkeep's smart waste bins all communicate their real-time status and notify crews when they are ready to be collected.

The smart bin has enough capacity and knows when to collect streamlines waste management operations, increases productivity, reduces every city's carbon footprintand to keeps public areas clean and green.

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