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product developmentAll aspects of Powerkeep trash can – the opening of window, the communications, the calculations – is powered by a 22-watt solar panel atop each trash can. The panel absorbs sunlight and stores the energy in a 12-volt battery within the unit.

There are two infrard sensors in the front panel, when peoples is near enough, the trash window will open automatically, after the people throwed the wastes into the window of the trash and left, the window will close finally. There are sensors inside of every bin that can tell how high the waste is piling up. When it reaches a certain level, CPU will release the information to the environmental sanitation worker, they could come and collect the wastes. The solar trash cans enable cleaner environments and streets.

Solar trash cans send real-time data to a waste analytics platform, which waste collection managers can utilize to view the current fill-level situation, optimize collection routes, receive push notifications and generate data analytics reports. The reports provide insightful data on waste generation, collection performance and waste overflow. Based on the historical data and intelligent algorithms, the waste analytics platform even provides predictive fill-level forecasts to further optimize the collection operations.

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