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product developmentA thermoelectric (TE) cooler, sometimes called a thermoelectric module or Peltier cooler, is a semiconductor-based electronic component that functions as a small heat pump. By applying a low voltage DC power source to a TE module, heat will be moved through the module from one side to the other. One module face, therefore, will be cooled while the opposite face simultaneously is heated. It is important to note that this phenomenon may be reversed whereby a change in the polarity (plus and minus) of the applied DC voltage will cause heat to be moved in the opposite direction. Consequently, a thermoelectric module may be used for both heating and cooling thereby making it highly suitable for precise temperature control applications.

Powerkeep's specialized temperature controlled clothing for army with special needs. Our garments work to control skin temperature, improving personal microclimate comfort. Metabolic energy is conserved within and temperature swings are minimized. This allows troop to work with temperature comfort. At the press of a button, the apparel can get as cool as 64 degrees F and as hot as 104 degrees F for up to eight hours on a single set of batteries. And it'll work in all kinds of ungodly weather — Dubai in July, Alaska in January. The technology at play here is an adaptation of the Peltier Effect, which occurs when electricity is run through two different metals connected to each other: One metal will become cool, while the other metal will become hot. The technology also has vast potential in other industries, including health care and the military. The benefits can be felt all year round keeping cool during the summer but storing and releasing heat back during the colder months.

This product is extremely lightweight, which makes them ideal for athletes, soldiers, and pretty much anyone who need it. It can help children and adults with neurological conditions, alleviat temperature problems, influence the comfort and performance of the wearer for those with:

Thermoregulatory Dysfunction,
Cerebral Palsy,
Multiple Sclerosis,
Menopausal heat flushes.

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