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Electrical enclosures are boxes or cabinets which are used to contain electrical components like knobs, switches, controls and the like, to protect them from the environments, as well as safeguard property and life. The specifications and features are dictated by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), using a Type classification to define the locations and environments they can be used in.

In places where the spark or heat from electrical equipment can cause an explosion or start a fire, the components are housed in purpose-built electrical enclosures, which are called explosion proof enclosures. According to the NEMA, these enclosures do not specifically need to withstand an exterior explosion, rather they are designed to contain an interior explosion and prevent it from spreading outside the enclosure. This prevents an even larger explosion that can damage property and put human life at risk.

Explosion-proof enclosures are solid cabinets that contain different electrical components like switches, plugs, sockets, transformers, controls, and knobs to keep the surroundings safe from electrical hazards. Integrated with sound technology, these boxes are resistant to spark and shock and have a high tolerance to extreme temperatures. An ideal solution for hazardous locations; these explosion-proof enclosures keep any interior explosion from spreading to the external environment and damaging life and property.

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