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There exists a variety of instrument options associated with the various corrosion monitoring techniques. Three classifications are: Portable, Continuous Single Channel, Continuous Multi-Channel. In any corrosion monitoring system, it is common to find two or more of the techniques combined to provide a wide base for data gathering. The exact techniques which can be used depend on the actual process fluid, alloy system, and operating parameters.

Corrosion monitoring involves the comprehensive monitoring of all crucial components, facilities, industrial materials as well as plants for any signs of corrosion. Corrosion monitoring is important as it helps identify the rate, location as well as underlying corrosion causes. Through this monitoring, components of non-conforming alloy can be identified, as these are typically susceptible to hastened corrosion, which could lead to catastrophic failure. Corrosion monitoring can offer great advantages in terms of safety management and preventive maintenance. Based on the data yielded by the monitoring, industries can make informed decisions not only on an object's remaining life, but also on other life extension techniques and cost-effective measures to solve corrosion problems.

Real-time corrosion measurements refer to highly sensitive measurements, with a signal response taking place essentially instantaneously as the corrosion rate changes. Corrosion monitoring involves control, measurement and prevention and covers a wide range of technical methods. This may include achieving anodic and cathodic protection, selection of materials, dosing of chemicals as well as the application of external and internal coatings. Corrosion monitoring employs various techniques in order to identify the condition of the corrosive environment as well as the metal loss rate. It is a quantitative technique that evaluates corrosion control effectiveness that allows for the optimization of corrosion prevention and control methods.

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