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The rate of corrosion dictates how long any process plant can be usefully and safely operated. The measurement of corrosion and the action to remedy high corrosion rates permits the most cost effective plant operation to be achieved while reducing the life-cycle costs associated with the operation.

Corrosion rates limit the operational life of plants. by providing an early warning that damaging process conditions exist which may result in a corrosion-induced failure. by studying the correlation of changes in process parameters and their effect on system corrosivity. by diagnosing a particular corrosion problem, identifying its cause and the rate controlling parameters, such as pressure, temperature, pH, flow rate, etc. by evaluating the effectiveness of a corrosion control/prevention technique such as chemical inhibition and the determination of optimal applications. by providing management information relating to the maintenance requirements and ongoing condition of plant. Measuring corrosion rates as well as the rate of corrosion remedy makes possible the most affordable plant operation while cutting down the life cycle expenses related to operation.

Finally, equipment reliability has been demonstrated in the field environment over many years of operational application. Results are easy to interpret. Measuring equipment can be made intrinsically safe for hazardous area operation. Users have experienced significant economic benefit through reduced plant down time and plant life extension.

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