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product developmentThe multi-functional physical therapy instrument includes six functions: screen massage, heat wave moxibustion, static electricity circulation, electromagnetic wave, static magnetism and electric pulse.

Working principle of sieve movement massage: with the function of sieve movement massage, it can drive Qi, blood and body fluid from the bottom of the feet or buttocks to the top of the head; stimulate acupoints, activate the production of human immune system and antibodies, promote the blood circulation of multiple organs in the body, and achieve the function of strengthening the body, eliminating diseases and strengthening the body.

Working principle of warm wave Moxibustion: warm wave moxibustion can dilate blood vessels, improve microcirculation, reduce blood viscosity, improve cell enzyme activity, accelerate the discharge of metabolites in the body, and has the physical therapy effect of relaxing nerves, muscles, joints, pain and inflammation.

Working principle of electrostatic circulation: through a certain part of the human body, the electrostatic circulation can adjust the bioelectric field of the human body, so as to eliminate inflammation, balance yin and Yang, purify blood, purify the internal environment of cells, accelerate the excretion of harmful substances, regulate nerves, and control the pain of stillness.

Working principle of electric pulse: the electric pulse is deep to the muscle tissue through the medium frequency pulse with the frequency of 1000-100000 Hz. It can excite, activate the nerve and muscle cells, promote the contraction of muscle cells, strengthen the skeletal muscle, improve the local blood circulation, relieve pain and inflammation, and have good physical therapy and rehabilitation effect.

Working principle of electromagnetic wave: electromagnetic wave has strong transmissibility. When it acts on human tissues, it can transmit to the deep tissue, dredge meridians, relieve pain and inflammation; it has auxiliary treatment and health care physiotherapy effect on cervical spondylosis, scapuloperiarthritis, lumbago and leg pain, knee joint disease and neurasthenia, insomnia, gastrointestinal discomfort, chronic peripheral neuritis.

Working principle of static magnetism: static magnetism is to apply the constant magnetic field produced by magnetic sheet to the acupoints or pathological parts of human body for treatment, adjust the function of biological magnetic field of human body, so as to regulate the function of human nerve, endocrine system and gastrointestinal tract, improve local microcirculation, promote new generation of thanks, relieve pain, diminish inflammation and improve immunity.

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