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Infrared physiotherapy is widely used in all kinds of pain and non-pain disorders, The deep penetrating warmth generated from infrared lamps is commonly used in medical practice for pain relief. Pathological changes mainly caused by neuropathy, such as muscle, tendon, muscle fasciitis, etc cause frozen shoulder, cervical spondylosis, lumbar muscle strain, rheumatic arthralgia,etc.

The desk type far infrared physiotherapy instrument is characterized in that the warehouse cover of the physiotherapy instrument is a half-arc cover body. The infrared physiotherapy instrument has the electronic thermostatic control, the radiating surface is kept in a certain temperature, the radiation surface reaches the optimum effect with the half-arc warehouse cover designed according to the human body, the far infrared heating layer emits far infrared wave through the control of the controller, and the effects are realized that the muscle is relaxed, the blood vessel is dredged, and the blood circulation is promoted.

This physiotherapy instrument can sooth multiple parts of the pain, like shoulder, knee and elbow. Heat acupuncture can promote local vasodilation, detumescence, analgesic, reduce adhesions and promote wound healing. Infrared therapy can make the knee internal heat so as to heighten the human tissues temperature and effectively improve theorganization and cell vitality and regeneration.

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