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Hospitals are big, busy places. Clear communication leads to a better patient experience, more desirable health outcomes and better visibility for the hospital's brand. And in the digital age, what better way to communicate important, real-time information than on a screen — a really big screen? By improving communication, wayfinding signage and other digital displays also improve the patient experience. Healthcare providers know patients and visitors struggle to navigate the maze-like designs of modern medical complexes. Digital wayfinding signage enables visitors to get customized directions to exactly where they need to go. It also frees up hospital staff from directing traffic.

Hospitals have important information to communicate to patients and visitors. Along with promoting hospital services and events, there are public safety announcements, patient safety recommendations, workplace safety tips, wellness awareness content and much more. With digital signage, hospitals can be more strategic about what information to share, when and where. Information stays updated, and system administrators can push real-time alerts in emergency situations.

Powerkeep offers commercial display and technology solutions tailored to fit the needs of the healthcare industry. The business solutions are intuitive, responsive and energy efficient. As more hospitals invest in digital signage, the possibilities will only be limited by the creativity of technology vendors and healthcare IT teams.

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