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For the patient room environment, Powerkeep's line of UL Grade healthcare LCD TVs features advanced technologies with sleek designs to fit within your vision of establishing an exceptional patient service. Powerkeep's healthcare grade displays can be an indispensable care instrument, lending themselves as a familiar and enjoyable activity during the recovery process with entertaining shows, movies, games, even the web, or providing onscreen care information specific to each patient.

Deliver premium HD programming such as movie or sports channel packages with integrated Pro:Idiom Digital Rights Management (DRM) system. DRM ensures rapid and broad deployment of encrypted high-definition television (HDTV) and other high-value digital content throughout a facility. For added convenience for your patients and your staff, Powerkeep's hospital televisions are compatible with all nurse call systems and pillow speaker products currently available.

Recent scientific achievements and technological advances have brought forward a massive display of new or updated medical devices, enabled with highly-developed embedded-control functions and interactivity. From the final decade of the twentieth century, medical room display screen have particularly been affected by this surge, taking on new forms and functions, while accommodating to established properties that have become well-known for these devices. The past fifteen years have also brought forward changes to conceptual frameworks, concerning the product design and manufacturing processes (standards), as well as the patient (perspectives on patient-care environments and accessibility). This screen presents a state-of-art survey on electric medical room display screen, representing what is defined as the time of "smart hospital room display screen", as part of an increasingly comprehensive patient-care environment.

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product development

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