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A portable container for food and drinks that keeps its contents cold using a compact refrigeration system. Even with the semiconductor refrigeration system, this still leaves an interior volume of 15L, that entire space can be completely filled with cold food and drinks.

The cooler comes with handles so it's easier to carry, and the whole case features a rugged design so it can survive numerous trips and parties unscathed. The inside lid even contains a small light, so you can find what you need in the dark. It may look like a simple concept, but getting the right balance of size and power management required some thorough research and testing. The cooler incorporates some advanced circuitry to distribute the power to the refrigeration system, all while taking up a relatively small amount of space.

The colors of '15 litres extremely cold car refrigerator' are white and black, the liner material is aluminium alloy, and the housing material is plastic. The liner size is L375*W200*H200(MM), the whole product size is L515*W280*H400(MM). The user could adjust and control the liner temperature through the nixie tube and mini switch push button. Finally, the temperature could decrease from 40°C to -20°C within 1 hour, the temperature range is from -20°C to 60°C.

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