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The system combines wired network transmission and wireless WIFI transmission, and adopts the latest "cloud" technology, which breaks through the performance bottleneck of a single server, supports multi-level cross-regional broadcasting.

Powerkeep's intelligent building IP PA system designs different broadcasting implementation methods according to different broadcasting areas of different buildings, different broadcasting functions and different broadcasting needs of each time period, and controls the entire building broadcasting system, integrating background music (sub-region, time zone) and inserting warm prompt voice, fire-fighting broadcast, one-button broadcast, broadcast (wide area, partition, terminal) paging, video linkage and other functions in one.

Under the current trend of technology convergence in the professional audio and video and IT fields, as the industry's leading provider of audio and video solutions, Powerkeep will be committed to the development of the audio and video field and continue to deepen, aiming at different application scenarios to launch high-quality, intelligent products, to provide high-quality overall solutions for the industry. In the future, Powerkeep will actively respond to the emerging application needs and complex and ever-changing challenges, and strive to create greater value!

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