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Powerkeep's doorbell offers 1080p HD images and 160-degree horizontal and 90-degree vertical viewing angles. The hardwired Ethernet cable ultimately gives you more consistent power without the need to employ a backup battery, though it's important to note that this means the doorbell will need to be installed professionally. It supports 2.4 or 5 GHz Internet connectivity, on-demand video, two-way talk, motion activated alert, and advanced motion detection.

With its dedicated smart app feature, the smart doorbell connects to your iOS and Android devices through Wi-Fi, making it accessible to view live stream video from outside your home. The smart doorbell camera can also speak with visitors at your door, receive alerts and even snapshot pictures of any activity from remote locations. Shooting in 720p HD, the doorbell gives a 160-degree ultra-wide lens field of motion, includes a night vision mode and pushes all its captured content to a convenient cloud storage system completely accessible from your mobile or desktop devices. Additionally, the doorbell is water- and weather-resistant.

product development   product development

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