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The intrinsic functions of the wine refrigerator are close to perfect. The top area can store wine cups or other tools, they are sterilized by the UV light lamp, ozone generator, negative ion generator.

The capacity of the bottom area is less than 70L, it be cold by 4 semiconductors. The aluminium heatsink will absorb heat from the outside after the power is shutoff, that need the power be on all day and all night, this will waste much energy. Powerkeep add a plastic part to cover the heatsink after the power is off, the heat won't enter the liner of the wine refrigerator, the power needn't be on endlessly, so the final energy consumption is equal to the refrigerator cooled by the air compressor.

The material of the liner is stainless steel, and the material of the housing is steel, the housing will be painted black. The door are made of double tempered glass. The material of the shelf is beech. The final size of the wine refrigerator is L630*W580*H1500(MM). Through nixie tube, you can adjust the temperature in the wine from 5°C to 20°C.

In this way, your fine wines will be able to reach their long-awaited prime, and you can enjoy them more conveniently.

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