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There are two mini vacuum pumps on the top of the wine refrigerator, they can drop the air from the wine bottles that have been opened. Because of the cool condition made by the semiconductor, the taste could be keep fresh for seven days. The two vacuum pumps can work independently, they won't affect each other when being used.

The material of the housing is sheetmetal, the material of the liner and shelf is stainless steel, the housing be painted to grey. The size of the wine refrigerator is L420*W420*H1240(MM), the height of the top liner is 355(MM), the height of the bottom liner is 540(MM). The space of the top liner is 16L, and the space of the bottom liner is 68L.

The display is made of nixie tube, and the power consumption is 150Kwh/year, the power source could be AC110V or AC220V. The final refrigerator is silent, the sound emission is lower than 37dB(A). All the cool are from the three semiconductors, there are one semiconductor on the top space, and the last two semiconductor on the bottom side of the wine refrigerator.

Wine maturing is the time it takes for wine to improve, fully develop its qualities and reach the stage in which it fully expresses itself, i.e. reaches its prime.

Today, Powerkeep is proud to say that we have succeeded in channeling all of our wine maturation know-how and expertise into designing an exceptional wine cabinet!

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