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product developmentThe humidity control cabinet is called dry box or dry cabinet sometime, it is equipped with up and down rotating loose leaf doors, each with a pair of moisture absorption and moisture discharge inside and outside, and a special moisture absorbing material (molecular sieve). When the moisture absorption, the loose leaf door pair open, moisture absorbing material from the moisture absorption window in the cabinet, so that the humidity in the cabinet decreases; when the tide is discharged, the moisture absorption material is heated and regenerated, the valve rotates to open the tide window outside of the cabinet and drain the tide. Water absorption and tide cycle work, through the program time controller, until the set in the cabinet reach the set value, the controller automatically power off. Because there is no electricity consumption when absorption tide, and the absorption time is long while the draining time is short, so it can save much power.

It is widely used in LED, IC, liquid crystal, crystal oscillator, PCB, optical components, electronic component, chemical drugs, pricision measuring instruments, photographic equipment, seed preservation, archives management, antique and so on.

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