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Technology is a very powerful tool, but as our lives become increasingly complicated, it is important to find time to disconnect and rediscover the simple things. Powerkee has launched a stripped-back mobile handset for our customer that only offers basic phone functions, it removes unnecessary distractions and goes back to the essentials of communication.

This phone features large rectangle monochromatic buttons, and a black soft-touch exterior. A dotted pattern on the back panel has been designed to make the phone comfortable to hold. Created with a focus on call making with direct keys and an intuitive text-based interface, the handset offers unhindered access to all functions, without complex navigation keys and menu systems.

The phone deliberately foregoes many of the now 'standard' smartphone features in favour of a return to the traditional capabilities of a phone. Offering users just the ability to phone and send SMS messages, the handset's only additional features are a simple calendar and clock. The new phone can be connected to cars and headsets via Bluetooth, and can also be backed up with a PC or Mac to save contacts. The phone has a battery life of 290 minutes for talk time, and 670 hours for standby.

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