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Powerkeep's customer want to develop the best mini variant smartphone on the market, they want to keep as many as possible of traditional intelligent phone features, but the dimension of the mini phone must be smaller that a name card box, finally the customer want to make a smallest version of their flagship phone.

Fitting all the features of a top-of-the-range phone into a smaller body is a real engineering challenge. This cool mini smartphone with an Phone 4 look alike design, it is amazing ! With a improved high resolution touchscreen that exceeds any other mini smart phones . Use it like any other Android mobile, You can browse the Internet anywhere and use Google Play Store to download apps at the palm of your hand with the mini Phone 4 looks. Little Micro and Tiny but still comfortable to do any task!

Connect anywhere global unlocked with, Wifi, Bluetooth and GPS navigation. 2G, 3G, 4G LTE fast network connection and fast phone speed that is compatible with most common networks. You can connect anywhere enjoy a simple life with a small portable smartphone. Use the internet where ever you are with a compact phone that can easily go in your pocket. cover the most common frequencies around the world.

It can comfortably go toe-to-toe with not only its bigger version, but also most flagship smartphones, and Powerkeep has done all this while keeping a much lower price point than most - the final product is head and shoulders ahead of the rest as the best mini smartphone around.

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