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product developmentThis product is designed for Europe and USA. If you want to extend your wired network, Powerkeep PowerLINE is an excellent budget choice. Utilizing the existing electrical wiring in your home, internet is delivered to nearly any area that's lacking signal. In a day and age when so many devices require fast internet to properly function, this inexpensive solution can be a lifesaver. With speeds up to 1000Mbps, the PowerLINE boasts enough horsepower to deliver expansive coverage and fast performance.

Easy to set up, there's no reason you shouldn't be ready to go with the PowerLINE in a few moments. The included adapter plugs directly into your modem or router. The PowerLINE Wi-Fi adapter is then plugged into any outlet near a coverage dead zone. You can set it up anywhere in a home regardless of where walls and doors are located; but obviously, the best performance is found with the fewest number of obstructions.

What makes Powerkeep's budget-friendly products so great? Simplicity. This is a plug and play device that has almost zero barrier to entry. Performance is ideal for 4K streaming or multiplayer gaming online.

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