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Infrared physiotherapy uses infrared rays to give treatment for many kinds of musculoskeletal pain like joint pain, muscle spasm, etc. The infrared lamp in physiotherapy is very beneficial in many types of musculoskeletal pain. With its instant relief in pain and ease of use, more and more people are getting interested in infrared lamp therapy, the use of an infrared lamp in the home is gaining popularity.

The therapeutic application of heat is called thermotherapy. The infrared lamp is an instrument to give thermotherapy. It conducts heat on to our body via radiation. The infrared lamp looks like a normal lamp with a bulb emitting visible red light. It's not a normal red light that emits from a red neon bulb. This light ray that emits from infrared lamps consists of "infrared rays". It comes in a variety of types with different shapes and sizes, with the advent of technology, the Infrared lamp has become very popular and people are keeping it at home for their needs.

As its a heating instrument following the proper technique of application is very important. Since it's a heating device, it also comes with some potential hazards. Improper use may result in skin burn or other complications.

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