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Powerkeep's customers have bigger plans for the EPP Cooler's technology, based on the current car used version's success, the company plans to manufacture a similar cooler specifically for vaccines. Naturally, a rugged and light cooler would help preserve any medicine traveling to remote areas of the world.

The material EPP is used for decades in the automotive industry, as it combines light-weight with extreme shock and break resistance, robustness and long lifetime. EPP material has the best insulation properties and is very light, be used universally as storage and transport box. The box is stackable and calibrated to fit all kinds of pallets.It is robust, temperature-resistant and waterproof , the box made of EPP is drug-safe and perfect choice to store and transport drug items.

The boxes are perfectly insulating, mainly in a temperature range from -40 °C up to +120 °C. Loss of temperature is low, so the boxes are ideal for the transport of temperature sensitive drug items. Their acid resistance make them a perfect solution for meeting hygiene standards, even during longer transport times.

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