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Did you know that you can answer your front door by simply using your smartphone? The right intercom system will work with some of the latest technology to add value to your business or your home with a simple installation. All of the top intercom products are available through the professionals to add an incredible amount of value to your space.

'Smart city' is not only the direction of urban development but also an important thing to national policy .Till now, the investment of smart city building over 1.1 trillion, the total number of smart city construction up to 154 in China.

The construction of 'smart city', will surly stimulate the development of a large number of related enterprises, building intercom enterprise should be one of the numerous benefit enterprise. Smart city emphasize "smart, convince and comfortable" which is the same concept in coincide with building intercom system, the national attention on "smart city "construction will promote the popularize of building intercom system.

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