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If customers like a variety of different wines, such as Brandy, Whisky, Champagne, they need three spaces for those wines with different temperature in one wine refrigerator. The refrigeration system needs to be compatible with three different temperature spaces, there need to be a durable switch to exchange the connection among those channel.

The unparalleled temperature control system make the wine refrigerator holds a perfect 53.6F with a maximum fluctuation of +/- 0.5F automatically, no temperature settings required.

The compressor is isolated from the cabinet and lies on high performance silent blocs which help deaden vibration transmission. Energy consumption is 150 Kwh/year, energy efficiency is Class A, and the sound emission is 37 dB(A), the refrigerator is very silent.

Powerkeep's hands have paid meticulous attention to every detail of the wine refrigerator, from its innovative outline, to it patented humidity control system, unique shelves and lighting. This is the best wine refrigerator in the world!


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